Transforming a traditional concept

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Known as the first hotel built in Huatulco, it was designed to host explorers attracted to the unspoiled beaches of the destination.

The Binniguenda Hotel was meticulously redesigned in 2012, preserving its incredible historical character and providing a new level of luxury and comfort.
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hotel binniguenda huatulco concept legend reserve zapotec Binnigulaza Andrés Henestrosa Gabriel Chiñas
The hallways of the Binniguenda Hotel are filled with the oldest Zapotec legends. The first inhabitants of this land were the Binnigulaza, which means old people begotten of the clouds (BINNI, people, GULA, ancient, ZAA, cloud).

An open night of light, the sky was filled with iris, and when the first star appeared, the clouds rushed to the land, hitherto deserted, in the form of exquisite birds. The next morning the Zapotecs built the first huts.

One also tells about the palaces that were built at an opportune moment overnight by the same Binnigulaza, called as that time BINNIGUENDA.

The legend says that "the great constructions, the palaces, and the ancient temples were built in a single night by the BINNIGUENDA, the kind of magicians that have the virtue of being invisible".

Our Zapotec wealth has been retaken to give the name to this hotel, for being the first hotel building in the tourist development of Huatulco.

Authors: Andrés Henestrosa and Gabriel Chiñas.